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Alexandre Chanoine – Stones


The Site is welcoming theatre ensemble and practices for a time (generally one or two weeks), proposing a stage for a research or creation time. Each of those moments are concluded by a presentation or a meeting with the artistic team.

2019 :

  • The cie Le bruit de l’herbe qui pousse (Judith Guillonneau, Bordeaux/Paris) for Prisms, corporeal and musical theatre project based on quantic physics. presentation the 23 of may 19 at 6 PM
  • The association “B et N” (Bénédicte Le Lamer and Nathan Freyermuth, Paris) for L’hôte (the host), choreographic theatre project after Pavese et Flaubert (15-22nd july)

2018 :

  • The artist Alexandre Chanoine (Pionnat, Creuse) for the sound performance project Pierres / Stones. Opening in the frame of “La soupe aux cailloux” together with the storyteller David Linkowski, le 21 avril 18.
  • Claire Newland (choreographer), Michel Doneda (improviser-saxophonist ), with Jean-François Favreau and Marie-Geneviève L’Her for a research phase on the project Lisières, 17-19 septembre (Cie Siloe/Claire Newland :

2017 :

  • The company Nour (Angers) for the performance Retour au noir, (work in progress)presented in Lavauzelle in August 11th
  • Les visseurs de clous Cie (Deux-sèvres) for Bande Annonce, présented on nov. 4th
  • Claire Newland (Cie Siloe, Limoges/Albi) on the Lisières project, nov. 14-16th.

2016 :

  • Elke Luyten et Kira Alker (choreography), research – 8-12th August + meeting on Aug 12th
  • Nolwenn Brod (photographer) “la ritournelle” project, Jan 12-14th, June 15-17th juin, Sept 3-6th –

2015 :

The detailed schedule of upcoming residencies and presentations are available in the news section