11th summer immersive workshop programme – to the core



August 1-13, 2021

Site de pratiques théâtrales Lavauzelle, La Vauzelle, 23250 Janaillat



The workshops offered in Lavauzelle for 10 years are addressed to people interested in performative practices: theater, song, dance, circus, martial arts, ritual arts … They aim to nourish and broaden the individual experience of the stage but also to offer a space-time for work on oneself as well, as a collective experience.

It is not a simple hosting of internships, but a crossroads and a place of resources around the art of the actor.

This year’s program articulates training (exercise of one’s bodily, vocal, creative faculties), and recourse to oral transmission practices, whether they come from the traditional world (Indian Kalaripayatt, multi-millennial, traditional modal singing from Occitan culture) or techniques more contemporary ones transmitted from person to person (the theatrical and vocal approach of Zygmunt Molik / Jorge Parente, the dance in connection with the environment with the Body weather technique according to Min Tanaka / with Ephia Gburek).      

In this universe, we seek a balance between transmission and creation, “exotic” disciplines and resources from here, memory and invention.

The workshop lasts 13 days and includes 4 distinct modules.

Detailed program


FIRST SESSION: Interior trail(s)

August 1-4

Dance / body weather workshop – indoors and outdoors 

with Ephia Gburek, choreographer (direction)

and Vincent Valente, accordionist (musician companion)

Become a cliff. Become a river. To be excavated. To be a leaf. Vegetable gesture. Motionless action. To be fossil. To be place. Place to dissolve, to merge with the landscape.

By going back and forth between our interiority and the world around us, we develop a dance practice that links haptic listening and imagination. Perceptual games, temporal stretches, poetic bodies in movement invite us to abandon our daily body. Let us seek a point of contact with the earth which re-situates us, helps us to feel: envelope of skin, nervous rhizomes, heartbeats… shivers of grass, misty expansions, collapses of the ground, piling up of stones. Our anatomy follows the landscape; in return, the landscape bequeaths us its material dances, its potential for transformation. These danced experiences are guided by a poetic language that transforms our physicality, by a particular relationship to touch, or by exploring our link to the object or to the environment.

Ephia Gburek  is an American dancer and choreographer, trained in contemporary dance, then body weather by Min Tanaka and butoh according to Kazuo Ohno. Vincent Valente is an all-terrain accordionist and improviser.


SECOND SESSION: Voice and body

August 5-9

Voice and body workshop (Voice and body Molik_Parente)

With Jorge Parente, teacher, former assistant to Zygmunt Molik (actor of the Laboratory theater of Grotowski)

Actor / singer techniques • singing and text work • finding your voice

The technique of Zygmunt Molik (who appointed Jorge Parente as the continuator of his practice) is based on an “Alphabet of the Body”, each “letter” of which is structured to serve the voice, precise physical actions, which fully mobilize the body. Being, and invite everyone to explore and discover their voice. This releases a richer and more subtle creative energy. From this, the participants will then work on personal materials, songs or texts, improvisations and collective structures.

Jorge Parente , actor, director, and teacher, has attended the workshops Zygmunt Molik for over twenty years.  



August 10-13

two modules in juxtapositions (at the rate of 4 hours / day and per activity)

Kalaripayatt with Sankar Nair and Justyna Rodzinska-Nair (Studio Kalari, Wroclaw, PL) and Occitan modal singing with Clément Gauthier (La Nòvia, Tornamaï…)     

  1. Kalaripayatt

This technique is a thousand-year-old martial art from South India that trains warriors, doctors and artists. It constitutes a dynamic system, very complete, for the body, the energy and the spirit. The workshop covers body preparations for flexibility and strength, the execution of line patterns that involve stretching the body, learning martial forms that are practiced alone and with others, and stick techniques. Each of these gestures is an opportunity to consider the relationship that each maintains to his understanding of his own body, his balance, his health, and the fact of evolving in a foreign environment of unusual coordinates and traditional learning processes …

Sankar Lal S. Nair , born in this technique, has been teaching Kalari for over 15 years in India, Poland, and all over Europe. He is also an Ayurvedic masseur and caregiver.

Justyna Rodzinska-Nair has been initiated into Kalaripayatt for 15 years, she studied and wrote about this martial art which she teaches. In 2020, she is creating an online training program with Studio Kalari which helps to disseminate this teaching throughout the world. 

  1. Occitan modal singing

Find one’s voice. Breathing and sound emission, placement. Evolution in the sound without passage in head voice. Understand the song called “free” and find your own landmarks to interpret it alone or with others while remaining within the framework of the monody. Basics of the development of vocal ornaments in traditional singing. Song to dance: acquire a cadence, understand the melodic movements linked to the dances of Oc. Use vocal ornaments as rhythmic stimuli. Collective dance song, vocal polyrhythmic effects.

The workshop deals with the practice of pieces from the traditional repertoire, the practice of oral transmission and memorization.

Clément Gauthier  is a self-taught singer and musician living in the Cévennes. It evolves as well in the middle of the traditional music of the baleti, as in the universe of new and experimental music, influenced for example by the American minimalists. Insatiable passionate about the musical cultures of Occitania, Clément is also initiated into Indian classical music.

Useful information

It is recommended to follow the whole immersive workshop, thought of as a whole, but participation in separate modules is also possible.


TOTAL WORKSHOP: 660/595 euros

Separate modules:

“Interior trail (s)” (4 days): 220/180 euros

Voice and body (5 days): 325/275

Last Kalari module + vocals (4 days): 240/200

Kalaripayatt alone (4 days): 140/120

Occitan singing alone (4 days): 140/120

* The reduced rate (TR.) Applies to job seekers, intermittents, students, regular participants of the Aubusson “Polyphonies” workshop. In case of doubt, or special cases, consult us.

Accommodation and catering *

  • Accommodation (accommodation in surrounding lodges) : 14 e / night
  • Food (3 meals per day and snacks during breaks – fresh products mainly of local origin, mostly vegetarian, prepared together on site) : 13 e / day

* Please contact us before the start of the course for any questions relating to accommodation, diet, etc.


It is advisable to arrive the day before the first day of the workshop to plan a return the day after the last day (14 nights on site).

We recommend using carpooling and will connect the people concerned and volunteers.

We can organize shuttles (free) to pick up and return participants to Guéret station (bus), or even to La Souterraine (Paris-Austerlitz / Toulouse rail line) as long as arrivals are coordinated.

By car: how to get to Lavauzelle?


Please let us know of your interest by email, mail or telephone, clearly indicating your background, the reason for your interest, and the terms of your participation , as well as any indication that we should know about you.

In agreement with the speakers, we will make a selection during the month of June. At the end of the month, if your participation is confirmed, you will be asked to pay a deposit corresponding to half of your registration price and accommodation costs to definitively reserve your place.

In the event that an event of force majeure (linked to the health crisis for example…) would force us to cancel the courses, we undertake to refund the deposit. In the event of individual cancellation, the sums paid will remain due.

For the safety of all, and because of the sanitary crisis, specific rules will be in use during the workshop time. Though, we think that it’s useful to inform you that the work and everyday life will demand us to be close, and accommodation will mostly consist in 2 people’s room. Therefore, vaccination or test are suggested before you join the work.

This program, carried by the association SPT Lavauzelle, benefits from support for events of the community of communes Creuse Sud-Ouest. The association is supported by the Department of Regional Cultural Affairs of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the municipality of Janaillat.

SPT Lavauzelle, 1 La Vauzelle, 23250 Janaillat / spt (at) lavauzelle.org / 05 55 54 91 50