Kalaripayattu is a martial art from South India.

It involves stretching work, fighting forms with empty hands and weapons (various sticks and metal weapons). It is as well a healing science.

Kalaripayattu is taught in Lavauzelle since 2011 by Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair, assisted by Justyna Rodzinska-Nair, members of Studio Kalari (Wroclaw, Poland).

Both founders of the studio are practicing and teaching the southern style. they give demonstrations, conferences, and take part to artistic collaborations. Apart of a daily training in Poland, they gave workshops across Europe and India. For the first time, they got invited in France by the site for theatre practices Lavauzelle, in august 2011, with the help of the Grotowski Institute and Janaillat’s municipality. 

Read the presentation given by Justyna Rodzinska-Nair in August 2011, in the frame of “Lavauzelle année zéro” programme

more information > www.studiokalari.art.pl