*From discovering the joints to building a physical score

From discovering the joints to building a physical score

Marie-Geneviève L’Her

To build a movement score – that is to say a series of expressive movements, a text/choreographic poem – requires a deep knowledge of the physical possibilities that holds our body. This requires to let oneself be guided by the movement while remaining a vigilant and attentive observer of the path that follows each part of the body. Finally, this requires to mobilize one’s imagination to serve the body and the movements, and not the opposite.

Through a concrete exploration of the articulatory possibilities of the body we will work towards a demanding poetics of movement, not yielding to obviousness or restrictive interpretations, in order to build an individual score of physical theatre

This workshop is meant for a group of 5-15 participants, and should last at least 12 hours.

Several sessions were led already, namely in Paris (La Maison verte), Marseille (Collectif l’Impulsion) and Lavauzelle.

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