Elke Luyten et Kira Alker

Elke Luyten and Kira Alker live in New York. They have studied with Thomas Leabhart during about 10 years.  Since 2003, they have been creating collaborative movement performances. Their work has been showcased internationally (REDCAT in Los Angeles, the International Conference on Performance Art Theory in Mexico, the Dream Shot Festival in Belgium, the International Dance Festival in Estonia and the Kyoto University of Art and Design…) Within the artifacts of dance encounters they want to strip down the conventional performance parameters of time, space and subject matter. They are seeing choreography, inevitably as it is, is just theatre.

In 2015. Luyten and Alker created the choreography for David Bowie’s short film “Blackstar”. Luyten also danced in “Blackstar” and subsequently performed in Bowie’s final music video “Lazarus”. Elke has also been the first to receive the position of Artist Advisor at Bob Wilson’s Watermill Center (New York). She re-performed several of Abramović’s pieces at the exhibition “Marina Abramović:The Artist Is Present” at the MoMA. She has performed in Robert Wilson’s “The Life and Death of Marina Abramović”.