martial partneering

Martial Partnering

movement / playfight / breath

Jakub Gontarski

august 5-7th 2024

info, enrolment : please check the page 14th summer immersive workshop, inspire, breathe

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Our practice means “ POSSIBILITIES OF PRACTICING ONESELF ” through process of adapting what physically may be necessary( or not) here and now, but also what may be essential and helpful in a new upcoming performer situation. Based on our experience gained from practicing various movement traditions, we learn how to awaken and strengthen the potential embedded in our instincts, body memory, logic and adaptability. We search for a specific practical tools which help us to create bridges between training, art and health, understanding this, as a way of Unified Performer FIELD.
During this workshops, we will practice Movement not limited to one tradition or style but drawing on diverse techniques and modes of transmission. Through ‘movement puzzles’ and coordination and motor exercises, we will work on improving the integration of both brain hemispheres, which is important for movement efficiency and motor behaviours. Together, we will discover authentic ways to express ourselves through movement.

We will also push the boundaries of traditional training through Playfight, a blend of games and tasks intended to improve mindfulness, presence, movement patterns, habits and the awareness of each other’s space. Rooted in our natural vocabulary of movement and in martial arts such as wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and capoeira, Playfight is not about hurting or winning. It is about developing cleverness, movement strategy, movement variety and dialogue and about daring exploration of the zone of discomfort in a safe environment.

Breathing will be also the most important field in our work. You will learn exercises meant to deepen the state of relaxation, reduce oxidative stress and restore harmony. You will also learn about functional breathing patterns and their importance for our health. The workshop will help reduce shortness of breath (dyspnoea), breathlessness, stage fright and stress during physical exercise.

Leader :  Jakub Gontarski