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From the 18th to 21st of October, the Site will welcome a community of 6 singers/dancers and percussionists from Haïti, Madame Nerval and Legphibao communities.

The 19th and 20th, will take place a workshop of practices (ritual singing, dancing…) in Lavauzelle – from 11 AM to 5 PM. Fees are 30 euros per day.

The 20th at 8:30 PM will take place a performance/ritual, in Lavauzelle. Free entrance.

Looking forward to see you here.

Information, reservations : spt (at)

Summer workshop 9th – “Voice and Body” with Jorge Parente

Voice and body

in the footsteps of Zygmunt Molik – with Jorge Parente and Zoé Ogeret

August 5-9th 2019, Site de pratiques théâtrales Lavauzelle, Creuse, France

atelier JP - l

Zygmunt Molik is one of the main actors of Jerzy Grotowski’s ensemble, who entered the history of theatre in the 1960′. More than an actor, Z. Molik was leading the vocal trainings of the company.

Researcher and pedagogue, he became an important person in the polish «  paratheatre  », developing during 50 years a praxis of vocal training implying the body and the Being. He built a body alphabet, based on precise physical actions, structuring the exploration and discovery of the voice. He taught in France for a long time.

Jorge Parente, actor and director, followed his direction during twenty years, being his assistant. After Zygmunt’s departure in 2010, he became the helder of this tradition, developping his work in France (often in La Guillotine, Montreuil), Poland (The Grotowski Institute) and Portugal.

Zoé Ogeret, actress and Jorge’s assistant, was as well a long term member of the workshops of Z. Molik.

Molik’s methodology can be defined as follows:  A vocal potential emerges from movements in the body. As these movements develop, vibration is released.  The vocal phenomenon which emerges is not only physiological, but also an extension of both a mental state and an identity. In making this connection, vocal explorations utilise all strata of being.

A typical workshop includes:
– learning the Body Alphabet;
– personal exploration of the Body Alphabet through improvisation;
– working on text and song chosen by participants, both individually and collectively.

Through the exploration of body and voice, we invite each participant to discover and experience their own unique vocal identity and to enter into the unknown.

Photo Karol Jarek

The participants will be asked to prepare and learn by heart a piece of text and songs


5 to 6 hours of daily work, mainly in a studio space of 80 m2 setteled in a traditional barn in French Limousin, at the border of the forest.

Accommodation is be proposed in a guesthouse in the surroundings.

The food is to be prepared together.


August 4th (sun)  : arrival, common dinner

August 5th-9th  : workshop, meetings with Jorge et Zoé, presentation of the Site for theatre practices, walks, meals preparations together

August 9th : Opening of the workshop to friends of the Site for theatre practices, festive evening around singing and sharing

August 10th  : departure


Full price  : 285 euros

Reduced price  (students, unemployed, professional actors…) : 245 euros

Anticipated enrollment before sunday June 2nd : 240 e (full) / 210 e (reduced)

*including the membership of the association


Full board accommodation – from 4th to 10th morning : 150 euros

To enroll, please send a short bio and few words about you motivations. Please keep us informed if you have specific needs or diet (health, food)

Deadline : July 13th.

You will be asked to pay a deposit of the half of the fee in order to make the inscription valid.

Polyphonies workshop • 29/31.08.19

Led by Jean-François Favreau, actor-singer and researcher

IMR plongée-bandeau (2)

The workshop is based on orally transmitted multipart chants. The work is made out of a preparation of the ears, the breathing, the body ; experiences, drones and improvisations, as well as repertory pieces of various origins.

It is a group work, which does not require any previous experience nor musical education (memory based work, with the support of papers for texts) ; is it based on a common desire to let the boat go, and is feeding a common understanding and collective memory.

The work is based on the listening and the physical understanding of the sound, vibration, each one’s timbre ; overtones, the color of vowels, the instant, the involvement of the body and on the blossoming of the song rather than refining the songs.

Repertoires from Corsica, Sardinia, Georgia, Slavic cultures, involving Early music motives.

Fee : 130 euros (reduced : 110 euros), including the meals (prepared together).

Concerning the accommodation, it is possible to sleep on site in simple conditions (please contact us).

The enrollment is open until Aug. 4th. : / 0033610101944

calendrier printemps-été 19

Dear all,

Here are the upcomming issues connected with the Site :

– 28th april : workshop “Chant du monde”, Guéret (espace Fayolle, 2PM)
– 19th may, 16th june : workshop “Polyphonies”, Aubusson (Le Fabuleux, 10AM)
– 19-25 may : residency project “Prismes”, Le bruit de l’herbe qui pousse (Bordeaux/Paris), opening the 23th, 6 PM
– 6 juin : meeting around the workshop Chant du monde and the next phase involving a group of migrants (in partnership with the CAO de la Creuse). In la Guérétoise de spectacles – Guéret. Confirmation soon.
– 2-7th july, residency – L’homme ivre company in Lavauzelle , project “à présent”, research residency
– 15-22nd july : residency on the project “L’hôte” – Bénédicte Le Lamer/Nathan Freyermuth. Dance and Theatre.
– 5-9th august : for the second time, we are happy to welcome the workshop of Jorge Parente et Zoé Ogeret – “Voice and body” Molik-Parente. Exploration of voice through body work and exploration of the unknown. More Information here
– 29-31 août : workshop “Polyphonies” in La Vauzelle

Information, applications :

“Actor’s atelier” – information about a yearly work programme of the Grotowski Institute, In France and Poland

Here is an announcement about an unique practical atelier of one year, in France and Poland, with many people who already led a work in Lavauzelle (Jorge Parente, Sankar Lal S Nair, Przemek Blaszczak/Teatr ZAR among many others…).

The Actor’s Atelier,

The Actor’s Atelier is a 3-year project of the Grotowski Institute divided into three yearly series of work sessions that will be held simultaneously at different partner venues from 2018–2021. Each year, at each of the venues, a group of 14 participants will take part in a course of 4–5 work sessions. Please note the sessions will be led in English. The programme of the Actor’s Atelier in Paris consists of five sessions held in Paris and one session held in Wrocław, Poland. The Paris sessions will take place at La Guillotine, 24 rue Robespierre, 93100 Montreuil. Each session will consist of several-day training in the lines of practice represented by the leaders who hold regular work sessions at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław.

If you are interested in participating in the project, please email your completed application form and CV to Amandine Audinot at by 9 July 2018.

August workshops : “dancing in a landscape” + “polyphonies”

arrivée du grpe lisière chemin ombragée Carré d'herbes (1)Performance in situ Carré d’herbe, Cie Siloe

DSC_8060-2Workshops polyphonies, ph. Magdalena Madra

Second part of the summer workshop 8th edition


a week for 2 workshops, to be combined or not (we do !)

20-22.08 : Dance in a landscape (Claire Newland, Siloe)

et 23-25.08 : Polyphonies (Jean-François Favreau, L’homme ivre)

– Dance in a landscape –

Workshop led by Claire Newland, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue, founder of fondatrice de  Siloe ensemble, between Limousin and Occitanie, specialized in young audience and in situ performance. 

Open to everyone.

Since “Carré d’herbes”, in 2009, Claire is leading in situ movement workshops for adults, school children, teenagers…

Our body, a landscape to discover, to open, the body of the Earth, as a vast, infinite field of experience. Here let resound the notion of edge… 

To let ourselves get immerge in the space of our senses, to enlarge our perceptions, touch and contact, to stimulate our body structure, to connect, let ourselves be hold by the system of our organs. To let the fluxes of movement pass through ourselves, in and around us, in relation to others, to the contextes…

Start from the hearing, in order to challenge the thread of dance, going through exploration processes, scores and improvisation, alone, in couples or in group, in a benevolent environment. We will, as well, explore the place of the witness.

In alternance : inside and outside practices. 5 to 6 hours a day. Take soft clothes, comfortables, walking shoes, hats, light coats. 

Leader : Claire Newland – artiste chorégraphique

– Polyphonies –

Workshop led by Jean-François Favreau, actor-singer, musical theatre director, researcher in traditional singing – L’homme ivre ensemble.

Open to everyone.

The workshop will give us the opportunity to meet our environment, the other (and ourselves) through vibrating, through the touch even more than earing. It will give us opportunity to sing forms coming from traditional cultures (different sound phenomenons coming from different cultures/repertoires). As those traditions, orally transmitted and “anonymous”, we will need to get “invisible” in the mixture of voices but, even more, essential to the group, to be the one carrying the whole utterance – without being deaf to the others.

Using all the instantly available resource, including the “wrong” tones, we’ll aim to make ours the musical formulas, using prosody, timbre, tempo, ornaments… The only criterion will then be not the “right” but the richness, thickness of the sound one’s body can mesure.

The workshop will consist in a physical preparation based on the opening of vibratory spaces in the body. Then, we’ll get to a time of meeting through sound (improvisation) our/other’s bodies, as well as the space, to visit various heights and vowels. Then, we’ll go through several pieces from the traditional repertoires – using the tools of the oral transmission and collective intelligence.

Leader : Jean-François Favreau, comédien et metteur en scène de théâtre musical

Conditions :

The work will take place in a barn (80m2) on the border of the forest, as well as outside.

Timetable :

19.08 : arrival of participants

20-22.08 : workshop “dancing in a landscape” (5 à 6 hours a day), food will be prepared together

23-25.08 : workshop “polyphonies” (5 à 6 hours a day), food will be prepared together

22.08 : open festive evening, with visitors people from the area

23.08 : departure

Fee :

– a workshop : 110 euros

– 2 workshops : 170 euros

– reduced price (students, unemployed, early bird discount, members of the Aubusson yearly polyphonies atelier) : 80 euros for one workshop, 130 for both

– full board accommodation  : 28 euros a day/person (accommodation in guesthouses from the area and meals prepared together)

– lunches only : 10 euros a day (including breakfast) or 5 euros/meal

if you have questions about accommodation, please contact us.

Deadline for enrollment : 25th of July. Please send your application with a (short) presentation of your trajectory and interest. The 1st of August, a deposit (half of the fee) will be requested.

Early bird discount (reduced price) is valid till June 25th.

Information, applications :

Site de pratiques théâtrales, 1, La Vauzelle, 23250 Janaillat

0033 555 54 91 50