Clément Gauthier

Clément is a self-taught singer and musician based in Cévennes area. He is dealing both with traditional music of the occitan Balèti as well as experimental environment, namely influenced by the american minimalists.

Clément Gauthier - Jéricho _ photo Photo Lucie Moraillonpic. Lucie Moraillon (

I am singing since I’m a child. My re-discovery of traditional music, in 2004, has shaken up my conception of sound. From this impulse, I’m questioning and getting interested in the very source of those songs. I’m as well learning the Bodega and Chabrette bagpipe play, as well as dances, among several people who transmitted generously their knowledge in their kitchens, workshops, or – basically – in singing and playing situation, in the street or at the table. Everything in one and in one time.

I’m working for several years on the modal characteristics of occitan traditional singing, its roots and connections (on a formal, thematic or poetic sense) with other major traditions of singing. 

Clément is taking part to the ensembles Jéricho, L’autre, Maintes fois, with the collective La Nòvia. There, he’s a working partner of Jacques Puech, who intervened in Lavauzelle en 2014. He’s as well collaborating with Manu Théron / Polifonic System (Marseille), Tornamaï…

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