Fields of research

The Site for theatre practices is meant to offer a space of work and encounters to young professionnals of theatre and related arts.
The techniques taught in our structure are given by young practicionners, specialists in these activities, eventually born in traditional cultures or taught by masters in an oral transmission way, and are involvend in contemporary creative processes.
These techniques are drawing a constellation of practices around theatre, aiming to prepare the actor, his body, his voice, his ability to focus, and to define the domains on which efforts should be made. These practices are marks and examples to build a personal practice and a common culture of work.

Since 2011, the Site for theatre practices is working in the fields of :

> Kalaripayatt (Indian martial art), southern style, taught by Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair and Justyna Rodzinska-Nair

> Physical theater, research led by Marie-Genviève L’Her, Przemek Blaszczak and Cécile Da Costa.

> Traditional singing – Mediterranean field – led by Jean-François Favreau and Slavic field, with Ulyanna Horbachevska.


SPT Lavauzelle is also leading a research thought as a “permanent expedition” in the souroundings, named “à présent“.