Kamila Klamut

Kamila Klamut

Member of Teatr ZAR, Wroclaw, Poland.

Kamila has a degree in cultural studies from the University of Wrocław. Since mid-1990s she had been closely associated with the Centre for Study of Jerzy Grotowski’s Work and for Cultural and Theatrical Research, and then, since 2007, with the Grotowski Institute. In 1996, at the invitation of Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycka, she took part in forming Song of the Goat Theatre and performed in its first piece, Song of the Goat: Dithyramb. Since 1999 she has collaborated with Jarosław Fret, with whom she has been on several expeditions searching

for the oldest extant forms of music. She co-initiated the founding of Teatr ZAR, and appears in all three parts of Teatr ZAR’s triptych Gospels of Childhood, which has been performed in numerous cities around the world, including London, Florence, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cairo, Seoul, New Delhi and Edinburgh, where Caesarean Section: Essays on Suicide won a Total Theatre award for Physical Theatre and a Herald Angel at the 2012 Fringe Festival. She is currently part of Teatr ZAR’s new project Armine, Sister. In 2014, together with Mariana Sadovska, she created Camille, a performance inspired by the artist Camille Claudel.


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