*The vocabulary of body and voice – the theatrical relation

The vocabulary of body and voice : the theatrical relation

physical and vocal theatre workshop led by Jean-François Favreau and Marie Geneviève L’Her

From elements of our actor’s training (movements coming from Kalaripayattu, specific work on the articulation of the different parts of the body, plastic work, alone or in couples, individual and polyphonic vocal work…), we will create slowly a lexicon of actions. This process we will be put in perspective with a time of exploratino dedicated to “life on stage”, in order to build a work on the listening and dynamics of the connection which could allow the birth of a common form.

This work is meant for 5 to 15 actors, dancers or singers, professional or not, and should last from 12 hours to 8 days.

Several variants of this work were already proposed, namely in Aubusson (Le pied an plancher), Paris (La Maison verte), Marseille (L’Impulsion), and Lavauzelle.