4th summer workshop – tradition and creation

 Tradition and Creation

4th Summer intensive workshop programme of ‘Site for theatre practices Lavauzelle

August 3rd-16th

> Leaders

Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair (Studio Kalari, Wroclaw/Trivandrum),

Kamila Klamut (Teatr Zar, Wroclaw),

Jacques Puech and Clément Gauthier (La Nòvia, Le Puy-en-Velay),

Jean-François Favreau and Marie-Geneviève L’Her (L’homme ivre, Paris)


This year, it is this space between tradition and creation that we will explore, in order to redeploy and walk the paths that open for the “performer” – actor, dancer, singer – between these two hard cores of human experience.

This worksession will be, as usual, impulsed and guided by several young professionals who have a first-hand relation to a specific practice. It will consist in a comprehensive physical and vocal training, as well as the learning of forms (songs and physical scores). It is open to actors, dancers and singers, professional or not, who are willing to immerse themselves in an intensive process of practice.

> fields of work

It will last 12 days and will be organised in 4 main sections:

First week (August 4th-9th)

Introduction to Kalaripayatt – physical preparation and practice of the Indian martial art system, led by Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair (Studio Kalari, Wroclaw/Trivandrum, Poland/India).

The individual action as a point of convergence, workshop on anonymous collective memory and its embodiment in theatrical forms in the first person, let by Jean-François Favreau et Marie-Geneviève L’Her, Cie. L’homme ivre (Paris/Limousin, France).

Second week (August 11th-15th, after a day off on August 10th)

Tuning the body. Awareness, led by Kamila Klamut (Teatr ZAR, Wroclaw, Poland).

The musical and danced forms of the Massif Central, led by Jacques Puech and Clément Gauthier, La Nòvia, artistic collective for traditional and experimental musics (Le Puy-en Velay, France).

The two weeks are complementary. They are meant to give the group the possibility of a real maturation. Between the work sessions (8 hours per day on average), some discussions, film-watchings and recording-listenings will take place, as well as outside activities in the forest or countryside. On the last day, August 15th, in the nearest village, will take place a presentation of the work, followed by a festive evening, led by the two musicians from La Nòvia.

The work will take place in an old barn, typical of the craft of the “masons from Creuse”, as well as outside. It will be held in French and English, according to the possibilities of the group.

The participants, who will be 12 at the most, will arrive at La Vauzelle on August 3rd (or at the nearest train station: La Souterraine, where a shuttle will take them to La Vauzelle). The Site for Theatre Practices will accommodate them in guest houses and organize meals. Departure is planned on August 16th.

> Language: English, French

> Dates: August 3rd-16th (arrival and departure should be planned on the 3rd and 16th)

> Hours: 9-13, 15-19, and evening meetings

> Prices (12 days/90 hours):

Early registration (application sent before June 10th) or subscribers to the newsletter of the Grotowski Institute of Wroclaw:

Full fee (12 days/90 hours of work): 450 € + full-board accommodation

Reduced fee (unemployed/students): 360 € + full-board accommodation

Registration from June 11th:

Full fee (12 days/90 hours of work) : 530 € + full-board accommodation

Reduced Fee (unemployed/students): 450 € + full-board accomdodation

Full-board accommodation (fresh meals prepared on the spot, and accommodation organised in guest houses in the vicinity) for 12 days: 280 €

> Number of participants

12 people maximum

Please send an email explaining :

– your interest

– your performance experience,

The selection will aim to create a consistent group and will take into account the order of arrival of the applications.

> Deadlines

1st deadline

To get the reduced fee, applications should be sent by the 10.06.14

2nd deadline

All applications should be sent by the 10.07.14

The selected persons will be asked to pay half of the fee before July 18th (June 18th for the reduced fee)

Answer will be sent until 11.06.14 for the reduced fee, 11.07.14 for all

> Contacts

– spt@lavauzelle.org

– SPT Lavauzelle, 1 Lavauzelle, 23250 Janaillat, France

– 00 (0)5 55 54 91 50


Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair

Jean-François Favreau, Marie-Geneviève L’Her

Kamila Klamut

Jacques Puech and Clément Gauthier

> Partners:

Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland, Studio Kalari, Poland/India, Teatr ZAR, Poland, Théâtre de l’homme ivre, France, municipality council of Janaillat, CIATE, Creuse district.