Traditional chant

In Lavauzelle, and through a network we wish to extend, we aim to develop a practice of sounding and singing utterance based of the legacy of traditional singing.


We have several fields of interest, which we aim to connect and develop :
– singing from oral tradition of mediterranean polyphony (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy…),
– french traditional monodic singing (popular songs, namely from Limousin…)
– singing from written scores (mostly Ancient music and Gregorian chant, where the score is treated as a vehicle of memory and live processes)
– singing as a stage expression, utterance

To develop this research, we aslo invite for sessions guest leaders to present their work on a different field : for instance slavic traditional singing.

Actions :
– we lead a research on popular singing from Limousin area (in the frame of programme “a présent”),
– we collaborate to the multinational programme “in medias res” (see below)
– we lead worksessions on the question of singing on stage (see “The vocabulary of body and voice, the theatrical relation“), mediterranean singing (Jean-François Favreau, 2012), and slavic singing (Ulyana Horbachevska, 2013)
– We collaborate with “Song of songs” project (dir. Sergei Kovalevich)
– we supported the collaboration grant of ADAMI/CPMDT thanks to which Jean-François Favreau and Jean-Etienne Langianni (Organum/ Tavagna/ Seraphica)could work together on ancient music scores and sources (2012).


Programme “In medias res” : Permanent workshop on Latin chanting in Mediterranean culture

This multinational research and performance ensemble is dedicated to the study and practice of religious chant from Latin tradition at the cross-point between the heritage of oral endemic cultures (mostly from Mediterranean area sources, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy) and the written musical cultural testimonies of the Roman Christianity.