Masterclass – Way to the Personal sound / Ulyana Horbachevska

“Way to the Personal Sound”

<< There is a way. Every year in the beginning of summer I walk it down the village, where my maternal ancestry originates. The way is lined with old linden and poplar trees. It rests in a enormous lake, which, as if prolongs it. The trees alongside stand like huge witnesses of time and people. The whole year I don't see neither these trees nor the fields on the both sides of the way... That's why every time this way is a starting point, beginning of the following. When you walk, you feel the rhythm of gait of many people, who walked there before. People-ancestors. There is knowledge - since I walk this way year by year, there is hope, that the successors of my kin will also know this way home. For me an old song is a way and a tree which testifies, and a field which stretches to the horizon... it is a bridge between that what was and what will be. For the song to be sang for real, it is important who and how sings it. With what sound. What sound? In each one of us there lives a primary sound. Native only to you and relating closely to your nature. It is like a finger print - unique and only. When you find it - you find your strength. This sound builds you up and gives an immense impulse to creation. It is extremely important for a performer (singer, dancer, actor) to find this sound. It awakens the sleeping zones in the body and coins the spirit. Explores possibilities unknown before. Such sound provokes a desire to join it, become a partner. And only when real sounds of nature meet, there forms a song, one for all and at the same time individual for each one. It is a meeting of people on the crossroads...>>

Work on exploration of sound will be built on Ukrainian traditional songs (ritual, solo, polyphonic).