Polyphonies workshop • 29/31.08.19

Led by Jean-François Favreau, actor-singer and researcher

IMR plongée-bandeau (2)

The workshop is based on orally transmitted multipart chants. The work is made out of a preparation of the ears, the breathing, the body ; experiences, drones and improvisations, as well as repertory pieces of various origins.

It is a group work, which does not require any previous experience nor musical education (memory based work, with the support of papers for texts) ; is it based on a common desire to let the boat go, and is feeding a common understanding and collective memory.

The work is based on the listening and the physical understanding of the sound, vibration, each one’s timbre ; overtones, the color of vowels, the instant, the involvement of the body and on the blossoming of the song rather than refining the songs.

Repertoires from Corsica, Sardinia, Georgia, Slavic cultures, involving Early music motives.

Fee : 130 euros (reduced : 110 euros), including the meals (prepared together).

Concerning the accommodation, it is possible to sleep on site in simple conditions (please contact us).

The enrollment is open until Aug. 4th. : spt@lavauzelle.org / 0033610101944