Welcome The Site for theatre practices is a place for research, experiment, pedagogy and creation in Limousin. Its actions deal with :

- organizing each year an intensive summer workshop.

- proposing theatre and singing practice workshops, in Lavauzelle and outside, for professionals adults, and some projects with kids

- residencies, namely Ensemble In medias res (Latin/Mediterranean singing), and Théâtre de L’Homme ivre (Physical and musical theatre), - leading à présent research and pedagogical programme about traditional works and sounds in Limousin area and Massif Central),

- gathers the path of international companions (Studio Kalari, Teatr ZAR, Uliana Horbachevska) – developing a network, in France and Europe, about the theatre we want to defend

- supports the research development of its members (traval to Kerala, source of Kalaripayattu, ADAMI/CPMDT grant for musical studies…)



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contact, newsletter… spt [at] lavauzelle.org

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The Site for theatre practices Lavauzelle receives support from the municipality of Janaillat, the CIATE community, the General Council of la Creuse, and the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland). The programme  A Présent receives help from the European Union (programme LEADER SOCLe).